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Eldoret Falcons, Oserian face-off in Eldoret

Eldoret Falcons will host Oserian ladies at the Kenya Women Premier League (KWPL) match at the historical Kipchoge Keino stadium in Eldoret.

The Saturday match will feature the hosts which have collected four points from four matches played so far as they try to accumulate maximum points to improve on table standings in zone B.

Fresh from playing to a three all draw, Oserian will be traveling to Eldoret with heads high with their third position.

But the host, despite collecting for points in four matches, the tactician Joshua Ariko is not moved by the fact that Oserian is top team in the Zone.

“The game takes ninety minutes and we will cross the bridge when we reach there. We have to take advantage of our home ground to ensure that we collect maximum points to ensure that we are in a better place,” said Ariko.

The team which faces financial constrains for lack of a sponsor, they always contribute cash to ensure that they travel to various places for away matches.

“We lack a sponsor but that wont deter our efforts to climb the top of the table. We want to make the game best since right now we have a good coordinating team and ensure we win,” added Ariko.

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