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Kenya face Ethiopia in 2,000m steeplechase final

It will be Kenya against Ethiopians in 2,000m steeplechase race when the two countries’ runners dominated the semi final on Friday on day three of action in the IAAF World under 18 championships at Kasarani stadium.

Cleophas Kandie Mayan led country Leonard Kipkemboi Bett to qualify for Sunday showpiece.

Ethiopian Alemu Kitesa who had 5:38.72 overran Kandie to win the first heat in the second track event at Kasarani.

The race was reduced to Kenyans against Ethiopians when Kitessa crossed the finish line first, full of celebrations in 5:49.79 followed by Mayan in 5:51.83.

Bett shone over Ethiopian Girma Diriba winning heat two as he clocked 5:46.66 ahead of Diriba who managed 5:47.86.

The double qualification for Kenyans and Ugandans, the Saturday final will be reduced to the two rival nations.

Coming from Nakuru County, Meyan said they have set their focus on earning Kenya glory at home and they will strategise for a winning formula.

“I am very happy that I have qualified for the finals though it was very tough. We are going to plan for our next action to see that Kenya wins gold medals,” Meyan who comes from Nakuru County said.

A form three student at AIC Liloch secondary student, Bett beamed with confidence having won his heat.

“I know Ethiopians are very competitive and we are carefully watching on them. The importance thing is that I have made to the finals,” said Bett.

Selected morning results

2000m steeplechase boys

Heat one

  1. Alemu Kitessa (Ethiopia)—5:49.79
  2. Cleophas Kandie Meyan (Kenya)-5:51.83
  3. Murat Yalcinkaya (Turkey)-5:54.33
  4. Joel Kiplagngat (Uganda)-5:56.54

Heat two

  1. Leonard Kipkemoi Bett (Kenya)-5:46.66
  2. Girma Diriba (Ethiopia)- 5:47.86
  3. Anil Kalayci (Turkey)-5:52.54
  4. Saba Khvichava (Mauritania)-5:56.21

200m boys

Heat one ]

  1. Gayane Chiloyan (ARM)-24:64
  2. Leticia Maria Lima (BRA)-24:74
  3. Gal Kadmon (ISR)-24:83

Heat 2

  1. Lorraine Martins (BRA)
  2. Magdalena Stefanowicz (POL)
  3. Yanan tao (CHN)

Heat 3

  1. Talea Prepens (GER)-23:93
  2. Mizgin AY (TUR)-24:22
  3. Oarabile Tshosa-24:82

Heat 4

  1. Jael Bestue (ESP)-24:05
  2. Hima Das (IND)-24:52
  3. Tami Scancar (SLO)-24:79

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