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Kenyans double qualification in 800m

Kenyan duo Japheth Kibiwott and Noah Kiprono qualified to compete at the final race in 800m to be staged on Saturday evening during the IAAF world championships at Kasarani stadium, Nairobi.

But it was a tricky affair for Kiprono who had to wait for second heats results to determine his fete but luckily, he managed to qualify by virtue of their speedy heat.

Kiprono finished 4th in heat one in 1:51.72 behind Ethiopian Melese Nberet (1:51.50), Mauritania’s Charaf Zahir (1:51.66) and Juan Diego Castro in 1:51.68. The second heat saved Kiprono that was won Ethiopian Tolesa Bodena in 1:47.37, Japheth Kibiwott Toroitich of Kenya (1:50.03) second and Mauritania’s Abdellah Mouzlib (1:50.56).

Coming into the semi final, Tolesa had the best time of 1:47.20 while Kiprono was second best with 1:47.81 and Toroitich 3rd with 1:47.98.

Hope of Kenya to lift the 400m hurdles suffered a blow when team captain David Saruni was disqualified.

His disqualification means that Kenyans will rally behind Moitalel Mpoke Naadokila to deliver a medal.

The celebrated Saruni was disqualified for stepping in the inner lane three times in each corner.

Saruni failed to control himself after the race when he discovered that he will not proceed to the next round.

Saruni infringed rule 163.3 (a) Lane infringement states “In all races run in lanes, each athlete shall keep within his allocated lane from start to finish. This shall also apply to any portion of a race run in lanes.

In an earlier interview before the race, Saruni was optimistic of winning the first gold in his age group before joining the senior cadre but that dream came to an end.

“I want to ensure that I win gold in these championships to show the way as a leader,” said Saruni, who looks upon world’s 400m hurdles champion Nicholas Bett.

Mogonga student Mary Moraa is the only Kenyan girl who qualified to run at the final race on Friday afternoon.

Moraa finished second in heat two behind Czech Republic’s Barbora Malikova. Mora crossed the finish line in 53:88 behind Malikova’s 53:77 all setting personal bests.

But her Kenyan compatriot Sharon Jebet, despite setting her personal best of 55:34,failed to qualify for final race when she finished position five. The the lower speed in her heat did not benefit her the way Kiprono did in 800m. Bahrain international Doneisha Anderson won in 54.37 followed by Niddy Mingilishi (54:58) of Zambia.

Mikel Vidal gave Cuba the first gold at the championships in Long Jump. Vidal jumped 7.88m to win the first title ahead of his countryman Lester Lescay (7.79)for silver and Romanian Andreas Samuel Bucsa took bronze after 7.47 jump.

Germany international Timo Northoff won the first gold for his nation in shot Put 5km boys category.

He threw 20.27m for a world 18 lead. Bulgaria’s Mikhail Samuseu took silver and South African Jonathan De Lacey Lacey took bronze.

Medal winners

Long jump boys

  1. Mikel Vidal (Cuba)-Gold
  2. Lester Lescay (Cuba) -silver
  3. Andreas Samuel Busca (Romania)-bronze

Shot Put boys

  1. Timo Northoff (Germany)-gold
  2. Mikhaeil Samuse (Bulgaria)- Silver
  3. Jonatahn Lacey (South Africa)-Bronze

Javelin throw (700g) boys

  1. Tomas Sabasinskas (LTU)-gold
  2. Olegs Kozjakovs (LAT)-silver
  3. Qihao Sun (China)-bronze.

100m girls

  1. Mizgin AY (Turkey)-gold
  2. Magdalena Stefanowicz (Poland)-silver
  3. Kevona Davis (Jamaica)-bronze

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